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AMG is a top-ranked SEO company in Los Angeles that works with you to grow your brand. We are innovative strategists, inspired creatives, and technical specialists with over a century of collective experience in search engine optimization. We apply every bit of our knowledge to grow your company’s online presence.

Our winning internet marketing campaigns combine creative content strategy, PR-savvy link acquisition, web design, data tracking & analysis, conversion rate optimization, and much more. We maintain our status as a top-rated Los Angeles SEO agency by delivering outstanding results for every single client we partner with.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Innovative content marketing & digital promotion to grow your search engine rankings.

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Local SEO

We help professional service companies increase their rankings in Google’s local pack and in regular search results for their keywords. Google estimates that 75% of people who conduct location search on their mobile device visit or contact that business within 24 hours.

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Ecommerce SEO

Marketing ecommerce stores requires a special skill set. Our team has ranked thousands of pages for online stores built on BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Work with an experienced Los Angeles SEO agency that understands these platforms well.

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Enterprise SEO

Enterprise clients have big needs, and we understand the challenges facing your marketing team. Our intimate knowledge of corporate environments allows us to work seamlessly together. We have an unparalleled ability to weave your department goals into our SEO strategy.

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Small Business SEO

Small businesses come in all shapes and colors. There are various challenges facing your new company, but marketing it online should never be one. Put your search engine optimization needs in the hands of a trusted SEO company and enjoy a hands-off campaign that requires little-to-none of your precious time.

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National SEO

Thousands of companies compete nationally for millions of search terms. We help brands of all sizes achieve a national presence in their vertical based on their business goals. Our SEO services leverage creative content production and public relations outreach to build a universal prevalence on Google and other search engines.

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SEO for Startups

Entrepreneurs and their startups have an enormous demand for bandwidth. Building an in-house online marketing team can be a nightmare, from sourcing the right personnel to fitting the salaries within the budget. Bring in our team of SEO professionals as an alternative to committing long-term to unproven personnel.

Nationally Recognized SEO Experts

Our insights as search engine optimization experts have been featured on HuffingtonPost, American Express, and MSNBC.

Global brands, startups, and local businesses have hired us for consulting and on-going SEO campaigns.

Your Trusted Los Angeles SEO Agency

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships, amazing results, and glowing reviews.

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What Makes Our SEO Company Different?

Our proven expertise, strategic efficiency, and personal commitment to your success make us the best Los Angeles SEO agency.

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Invested Partners

We emulate an embedded marketing unit in your company and use our sharp business acumen to understand your company so we can market it better. That’s the high level of investment it takes to ensure your growth.

This is a major differentiating factor that drives our success with search engine optimization. Our clients are always thrilled with the level of personal attention and amount of commitment we devote to ensuring their success.

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Lean & Mean

As Steve Jobs once remarked, “A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.” We are executive-level internet marketing experts who outperforms teams ten times our size.

Your budget and time are sacred to us. We pride ourselves on having the efficiency of a SWAT unit. Our ability to strategize, deploy, and analyze quickly allows us to pivot on the fly and deliver faster results.

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Exclusive Services

As long as we are working with you, we will never work with your competitors. Just about every large SEO agency relies on sales volume, which means they have no reservations about signing your direct competitors.

This is a big part of why our team’s results are better. Our strategies and methods are used solely for the benefit of our clients. We are proud and committed to this exclusivity as part of our business model.

Results That Speak for Themselves

We don't try to game search engines. We grow your website using high-level digital marketing strategy.

Our expert SEO methodology has proven to be 100% effective in increasing traffic & revenue.

Check out our case studies to see examples of our results.

SEO organic traffic growth chart 1 - travel industry
Lead generation client in the travel industry.
SEO organic traffic growth chart 2 - financial industry
Lead generation client in the financial industry.
SEO organic traffic growth chart 3 - pet industry
E-commerce client in the pet industry.
SEO organic traffic growth chart 4 - cannabis industry
Lead generation client in the cannabis industry.

Client Testimonials

All of Avidon Marketing Groups’ efforts have almost quadrupled the amount of impressions my site makes now, often doubling the number of visitors to my site month by month. By simply improving the site structure and adding a schema, my site has shown a lot of organic growth. The targeted backlink campaign, however, most definitely boosted my site’s authority.

Alexandra Bassett, Founder & CEO
Dog Savvy Los Angeles

The Avidon team goes above and beyond. They’re not like others in their industry. They’re reliable—everything’s on time. Our web traffic has increased. There are more users visiting out category pages, which has improved both our search rankings and overall online presence. The team shows personal interest in their work, and it shows in their level of expertise.

Brad Ungar, Founder & CEO
Save On Cannabis

Their expertise and knowledge within the field of SEO and PPC stood out. When campaigns and initiatives are discussed, the results have been true to their word. Igor has taken us from being unlisted in the search results to be top 10 in Google search for our top destinations which include Los Angeles, Mexico, Hawaii, and more.

Steve Banning, Director of Marketing

The level of service, commitment, and overall dedication has exceeded our expectations. Igor’s experience is unmatched, and he takes the time to explain the overall strategy so you always know where things are. I would recommend Igor and his team without reservation to any business looking to improve their web presence.

Brian Graddon, Founder & CEO
AED Leader

Unrivaled Search Engine Optimization Expertise

Our amazing results are a result of deep technical improvements, strategic content marketing, and true digital PR.

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Technical SEO

The technical health of a website is the foundation of SEO. If search engines cannot crawl, interpret, and index your content, no amount of offsite work will help. Resolving technical issues uncorks your site’s potential.

This is where all search engine optimization services must begin. Google encourages website owners to follow their best practices so it can properly evaluate and rank them. However, it’s nearly impossible to identify and fix all the underlying issues without the paid tools, experience, and knowledge a technical SEO expert must have.

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Content Marketing

Content has been King since early 90’s. Search engines like Google are constantly trying to serve the best info to searchers. Most creative juice at an SEO agency goes into keyword research and content creation.

Our creative writers produce unique material based on existing demand. We perform exhaustive research on the search behavior of your target consumers to identify their common questions. This leads to a content marketing strategy that captures consumers’ attention, addresses their needs, and builds trust in you as a leader in your industry.

Link Acquisition

Backlinks are still Google’s top ranking signal. Link acquisition (commonly referred to as link building) has evolved into a true PR activity that involves heavy research, pitch crafting, and a healthy dose of relationship building.

Our team of public relations experts has established relationships with bloggers and journalists around the world. This allows us to get relevant placements of our stories on authoritative sites related to every major industry. The high degree of relevance between the linking sites and your site separates us from just about every other SEO company.

Complete Digital Marketing Services

We are web technology experts who seamlessly optimize, promote, and administer websites.

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Data & Analytics

Our search engine optimization services include the setup of data tracking tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to provide data insights & reporting.

Website Management

Our technical expertise extends beyond marketing & data. We are experts in website administration and web hosting, helping our clients resolve various technical SEO issues.

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Social Media Strategy

SEO and social media are natural partners for digital marketing. We expertly optimize and use social media to boost organic visibility and improve your market presence.

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PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click advertising should extend well beyond search engines. We use advanced strategies to hypertarget audiences with specific messaging on various online platforms, including social and video.

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Conversion optimization and usability go hand in hand. We improve your web design, user friendliness, and site functionality to convert visitors into buyers to achieve your long-term business goals.

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Independent Audit

Unsure if your SEO agency is doing a good job? We provide independent audits to review their work and performance to identify what impact their work has had on your rankings and traffic.


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