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Avidon Marketing Group

Link Acquisition & Digital PR Outreach Specialist

AMG is looking for creative, enthusiastic link acquisition experts to join our team of digital marketing rock stars.

About you:

You are a self-starter who started working in SEO because of a genuine curiosity about the intersection of web technologies and creative marketing. Link acquisition and digital marketing are a big part of your life. Staying up to date on the industry (including reading SEO publications and following SEO experts) is not a chore - it's a joy.

You know a lot about SEO but you specialize in acquiring links. Your knowledge of technical SEO and content marketing helps you put together the most efficient PR campaigns for any client.

You are versatile when it comes to link acquisition. You can craft your own pitch given any context, and you can cater it to established journalists, micro influencers, and blog owners alike.

You are autonomous. There is little need for direction because you are highly adept at figuring out the best method for any given client (considering their industry, existing value, etc).

Despite the above autonomy, you are a team player and a dynamic professional.

About the position:

This career opportunity is available to remote candidates as well as local Los Angeles candidates. We are a boutique SEO company that delivers amazing results to our clients. Smart candidates will take the time to read our home page to see why we are cream of the crop.


  • Perfect written & spoken English
  • 3-5 years doing SEO (in-house or agency) with a heavy focus on link acquisition
  • Web-savvy with team tools such as Google Business Suite, Trello, Basecamp, etc.
  • Healthy team-first attitude & willingness to learn

Bonus Points:

  • Experience at a non-SEO PR agency
  • Active public social presence
  • Exceptional project management ability
  • Experience with Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Experience with PR & pitching platforms (name it in the resume if you've used it)

Link Acquisition & Digital PR Specialist

What is the name of our next digital PR superstar?
Tell us where we can send our request for a follow-up interview.
If you think it helps your candidacy, feel free to provide links to your social media accounts.
Paste your resume in this space. We prefer resumes without fancy formatting because they are easier to read.
Tell us why link acquisition is your passion. How did you get into it? What makes you excited about it? Where do you think link build is heading in the next year? Your response should be 2-3 paragraphs at minimum.
Tell us about your favorite / most effective link building strategies you've used in the past. Describe in full detail to showcase your ability to think critically and creatively! Give us specific examples and the HOW + WHY that drove your strategy. Your response should be 5-7 paragraphs at minimum.
We love savvy applicants who stay up to date about the industry. Tell us your thoughts and observations about the last 12 months in the link acquisition space. Anything and everything you find interesting applies! Your response should be 3-4 paragraphs at minimum.
Share your thoughts on black hat VS white hat link acquisition strategies. What are they? Which are effective? Which are too risky? Is there room for gray hat? There are no right or wrong answers, just share your thoughts on the matter. Your response should be 3-5 paragraphs at minimum.
Which SEO experts & industry sites do you read & follow and why? Your response should include 2-3 people/sites at minimum.
Tell us your thoughts on social and link building. Is social important? How and why should it be properly leveraged? What are some creative ways to leverage social for link acquisition? Your response should be 4-5 paragraphs at minimum.
Proof is in the pudding. Show us your favorite links you've ever built and tell us why they are your favorite. You should include 2-3 examples at minimum.